The Greatest Game

Poised face of a nation’s hero
stuck on plastic foil wrapping
sends me back to the fanfare.

South-western speckled chest
embraced the summer sun
reflected in its watery mirror.

Took a long walk to the north
where a mixture of accents
entered a pure white square.

A version of an anthem heard
only in the arena of my mind
echoed along the port river.

Marauding shark smelt blood
until a deep-sea diver ensured
all in blue feared the sight of red.

A wall built on legend collapsed,
leaving brick on brick scenes un-
seen since surrounded by Swedes.

Bodies stumbled on rubble ground
but the people prepared a crown
that would fit the new king’s head.

A parched swallow in the shade
and I’m back in hollow summer,
at peace in ancient city dreams.

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