World Mental Health Day 2020

For World Mental Health Day, I’m sharing this reading of Resumé by Dorothy Parker because I believe it’s a poem that can open up conversations, help with understanding and provide solace to those affected by suicidal thoughts.

This poem is bleak, particularly in its concluding line… But it does contain uplifting dark humour for those in a similar mindset, while its brave and honest reflections can encourage anyone who’s feeling the same – or discovering they’re feeling the same – to reach out for help and support.

Having had suicidal thoughts myself in the past, I really feel a connection to this poem and Parker’s writing. Some of my favourite pieces of art have suicide at their core because it remains taboo to admit you want to kill yourself and there’s therapy to be gained in knowing you’re not alone in that way of thinking.

Through talking and learning, I believe we will break the stigmas that still exist and improve our mental health together.

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