Laugh-cry Emojis

Four kings rode in

with strings and skins

to bring salvation to me

on the streets of New Year’s Eve.

Then my friend would lend

contents of bookends

that induced solutions

to a common teenage problem.

I became incepted

and indebted

to the greatest escape artist,

plus drowned-out voice

who talked me through the agony of lonesome pains.

Though association fades,

those days still replay in heavy bass,

or on the screaming face of a DVD case.

But when handshakes are met with drunken compliments,

it makes me question what it all meant.

Veins no longer contain baselines or nets

because the rent doesn’t even cover travel expense.

There are hotel pillars in a lake up town,

tacky Christmas decs have been taken down,

while two Jags are parked up outside dad’s house.

The nice-eyed lad,

Welsh running track,

smiling dancer

and security-defying chap

in a flat cap

keep me from collapse.

As the album dies,

benign podcasts thrive.

Franchise rise,

repeated lines,

gym life,

energy drink lies

and paper bag highs

make laugh-cry emojis

hard to find.

With Wi-Fi.

Or offline.

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