Another Distracting Home Daydream

after A.D.H.D. by Kendrick Lamar

Upon muffled cries from
Kendrick Lamar’s sample,
I’m on the west cheek
of my town’s unpainted face.
A mole in the shape
of an abandoned tower block
stands and surveys dead skin
and all the veins at its base.
There’s a cycle-path system
that never tires,
where over-sized Converse
march through and fly
down them tarmac miles.
Every number on the clock
holds a hand
for the times I run
full pelt after a night out –
saving finances –
but also my life,
as the magic promptly dies
once my key finds
the jagged black hole
it was designed to enter.
I dance with horses,
sleepwalk all morning,
then stand cold and alone
as the beat drowns in silence.

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