A Shropshire Grad

Inspired by A.E. Housman’s classic collection A Shropshire Lad, this ongoing poetry playlist covers life growing up in the English county of Shropshire, with its main themes centring around mental health, politics and the class system.

#1 One Life In Donnington
#2 The Social Hangover
#3 Savages
#4 Message To My Teachers
#5 Explaining Anxiety
#6 Eric, The Cactus
#7 Emetophobia
#8 Fresh Fruit Shared
#9 Warren’s Way
#10 The Devil
#11 280 Words
#12 The Gardens
#13 End Of May
#14 Thursdays
#15 The Bottle
#16 Unknown Windows

Stanzas From The Stands

A series of poems composed about football games – the stories, locations and action experienced.

The Greatest Game
Kerr vs. Kerr
Waiting at Côte d’Azur Airport

National Poetry Writing Month 2020

Written from prompts provided by The Poetry Society, these 30 poems were created on each day in April 2020, as part of the National Poetry Writing Month challenge known as NaPoWriMo.

1 Thoughts of a Pigeon on a Windowsill
2 A Recipe For Gossip
3 Thank You, Cumulonimbus!
4 Making Friends In The Rijksmuseum
5 Gaffer
6 A Guided Tour of Our Community Garden
7 Midnight Spell
8 Midday Madness
9 A Socialist Resignation
10 Floodlight Friday
11 Discovering Fenton Johnson
12 Christmas is Good but Easter is Better
13 Halifax on Easter Monday
14 A Modern Sonnet for Wilfred Owen
15 i.e.
16 The original hipster,
17 American Questions
18 American Questions II
19 A Month of Sundays
20 The Stationery Room
21 Juanico’s Legacy
22 The Enemy of Silence
23 A Shakespearean Sonnet
24 Doorstep Clapping
25 The Season
26 Endurance 101
27 We Surreal Cool
28 Lazy Left
29 When Day With Evening Blending
30 April 2020:

Classic Poetry Reading

Reading through classic poems on illustrated videos to mark significant days of the year.

National Poetry Day 2020 (Green Rain by Mary Webb)
World Mental Health Day 2020 (Resumé by Dorothy Parker)