Under The Microscope

New situation
An unbiased virus
We’re taking stock
In quarantined boxes
Wearing plastic gloves
Grab the important stuff!
Mouths behind neck scarves
Muffled sounds of a human bark
‘Dirty Chinese gave us this disease!’
Suddenly our masks are slipping off

The world’s united in its own isolation
Already insular lives now on hyper-drive
Millionaires kick supplies down the stairs
Government cares only about the economy
How can we find hope under the microscope?

A piece of paper lies on a rugged, brown doormat
The hand-written letters spell kindness unseen
We’re aiming to send our message viral
We’re here if you need anything
Like a free course on drawing
Or a hand with the shopping
Feel free to be in our garden
Don’t fear the rent
We’re all in this
Don’t forget

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